Interior & Exterior Trims

Vinci Innovative has proven expertise in the Interior Trims System from Style Feasibility, Master Sections, and Concept Design to Detail Design, including detailed digital & physical validation to meet customer requirements. Having exceptionally talented engineers with such good expertise, Vinci Innovative is completely capable of bringing out the best Interiors for a vehicle.

Our application expertise in the automotive segment covers product development cycle of a vehicle from concept, design, optimization & validation to virtual prototype, virtual testing & product manufacturing.

Instrument Panel & Console

At Vinci Innovative, we create instrument panel and console solutions that exceed a diverse set of customer and industry standards. Among the most complex to create and implement, each solution is designed and engineered with unique components and features needed to achieve customer goals. We engineer in sequence full instrument panel assemblies and consoles allowing automakers greater design and component variability.

We also create complete cockpit systems that are designed, engineered, manufactured, and assembled using proprietary technologies to create hard- and soft-touch surfaces, as well as cut-and-sewn leather.

Door Trims

Door panels serve as an interface between the interior of the car and the inner workings of the door, and between vehicle occupants and the door. They are expected to meet a variety of design specifications regarding safety, aesthetics, and functionality.

  • Front & Rear Door Trims
  • All Pillar Trims
  • Sunroof Trims
  • Scuff Plate
Pillars and Hard Trims

Trims are the plastic parts installed on the inside and outside of a car. The interior trims are usually used for giving the aesthetic look to the interior of the car. There are various types of trims used in automobiles

Functionality and aesthetically pleasing trim applications are crucial factors for a perfect interior experience and successful vehicle sales. The selection, design, and processing of plastics solutions for interior trim components are very important for consumers when making their purchase decisions.


Vinci Innovative has your back! We offer the strongest Rear Bumper Replacements on the market. The trademark diamond tread matches all Vinci Innovative Truck accessories, so you are guaranteed the quality but the stellar reputation of this brand. Comes in a diamond plate finish to match our Pro front bumpers. Our design is unmatched when it comes to safety, towing capacity, and full body coverage while also allowing easy access to factory installed features.

Another improvement is the integration of massage into vehicle seats. They’re beneficial to drivers and passengers alike, especially those who take long road trips. Needless to say, massage chairs help improve blood circulation, relieve back pain, and reduce stress.